About us

Shobbek.com is the first online store to display the designs of the calligraphy and Arabic fonts on handmade products,  carefully designed by creative designers around the world , covering most of the world markets from North America, Europe and even the Gulf Area.
What does Shobbek means ? Shobbek is the word of the genie who comes out of the magic lantern held by Aladdin, the fictional Arabian character that Disney produced cartoon that represents this character.
Shobbek start in 2016 by promoting some designs on social networking platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, and started selling on sales platforms such as Etsy, Ebay. Today, Shobbek has its own online store to receive orders directly and send them to its customers.
Shobbek Runs Its operates through main office in Montreal, Canada. and the Production and shipping to the world is carried out through two main factories in Chatsworth, California/USA  and the second in Riga, Latvia/europe .


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